Jens - aka "Mr Cool" - Raun

Jens - aka "Mr Cool" - Raun

Founder & Director, Nuar Pty Ltd


“Experienced Business Consultant,

Entrepreneur – Startup Mentor

and Web Developer

who help small business owners and startups


Jens Raun is a Danish-Australian citizen. He started calling Australia home back in 1989 and he is at present living on the Gold Coast in sunny Queensland.

Work experience

Jens studied Economics and Business Administration at the Copenhagen Business School (1972-75). He has worked in the IT & Telco industry most of his life. He started his career as an IT Sales Consultant (Burroughs Data Systems), moved on to IT Systems Development and IT Project Management (MBI, Pi Data), IT Management (EDC Gruppen, Tele Denmark IT, Qantas Operations & Qantas Freight), IT Program Management (Optus Telecommunication, Delta Air Lines, Malaysia Telecom & 3) returning to sales as International Business Development Manager (Tele Denmark International) and Global Account Manager (Motorola). Jens has worked in many different countries (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands, UK, USA, Malaysia, Thailand, New Zealand & Australia) and experienced working in different cultures and managed multicultural teams (up to 100+ staff).

Jens left the corporate world and established his own Australian business Nuar Pty Ltd – Australian Business Number 93 099 766 355 -back in March 2002. (note: Nuar = Raun spelled backwards)

Business Consultant

Jens loves HELPING people, startups, and businesses. Due to his vast international business experience including establishing new businesses, he is the ideal partner to engage if you want to set-up an Australian subsidiary. Due to his knowledge of the web he is also the person to talk to if you want to “work smarter – not harder” using some of the many (often free) “cloud-based” business improvement services.

Entrepreneur & Startup Mentor

Jens is a true serial entrepreneur, he has been engaged in several startups since 1998 –,,, & He has failed/learned a lot regarding startups, but also been successful. He was introduced to – and inspired to use – the Lean Startup methodology back in 2011 after reading: – “The Four Steps to the Epiphany” by Steven Blank (2006) – “Business Model Generation” by Alexander Osterwalder & Yves Pigneur (2010) – “Running Lean” by Ash Maurya (2010) – “The Lean Startup” by Eric Ries (2011). He has also enjoyed and been an active participant (as a team member or as a mentor) in several Google Startup Weekends in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast.

Website Development

Due to his background and many years of experience from the IT systems development area, learning and starting to do website development was a natural progression when he began operating his different online businesses. Jens has always been developing his own websites initially using Microsoft FrontPage and since 2003 been a dedicated WordPress website developer. Today he is developing websites using the very popular premium multi-purpose WordPress theme Divi.

Virtual Assistant Services

While assisting Startups and Small Business Owners Jens found that many people were struggling with getting enough time to do all the tings they wanted – this could be in their business and/or their private life. Also while networking with a lot of people doing the 9-5 job “day-in and day-out” he found that many people dreamt about leaving their job and establishing a home/online based business. But the reality was that many people backed off – being afraid of jeopardizing what they already got. Combining his knowledge of the Lean Startup methodology plus the philosophy about ensuring you should not be spending a lot of time and money on developing a business that would be offering a product/service that nobody wanted Jens realized that the best way to do this would be to quickly validate your business idea establishing a minimum viable product (MVP) using outsourcing and taking advantage of the skills and experience of a Virtual Assistant. Based on an in-depth research Jens ended up identifying the Philippines as the preferred location for hiring VA’s and he is today offering VA services from only this country. You get reliable, hard-working, well educated, good English speaking/writing and loyal staff at a very affordable hourly rate. 

Other Interests

Jens is also a vivid Apple enthusiast, he loves everything Apple. He never stops learning new “stuff” he is into Smart Home devices (IoT), Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Deep Learning (for use in the Real Estate Industry) and Blockchain technology (supporting a vision of a SECURE and DECENTRALISED future for use in Transportation-As-A-Service/Mobility-As-A-Service replacing existing Centralized Peer-To-Peer Ridesharing Services. He firmly believes we very soon will see (level 5) Autonomous Electric Cars on the roads (if local governments can keep up with the development in technology and introduce relevant regulations/laws covering this area).

Jens Raun should have retired by now, but he loves helping people, small businesses, and entrepreneurs. He is NOT a man that act his age, he is VERY young at heart, loves technology, gadgets & Deep House music (e.g. Deadmau5 & EDX).

When living and working in Thailand Jens learned about the principle of “giving” rather than “gaining” and he now practices “pay-it-forward”, so if you got a problem or issue with your startup or small business then he is ALWAYS happy to give you advice and assist you moving forward. Should you be in need of a co-founder who is an 80% “Hustler” (the salesperson), 10% “Hipster” (the UI/UX designer) & 10% “Hacker” (the programmer), then he is ALWAYS happy to explore the possibilities of creating a startup together.

Jens has worked in many different “virtual” business setup’s where he never met the customer in person, but he is – despite being hooked on new technology and the many new ways of communication – still of the opinion that the best form of communication between individuals will be a meeting in person – when that is not possible the second best alternative is obviously a video call.


As a result of a heart attack – that should have left him dead back in 2007 – his view on life changed; Jens now lives by his motto: “Enjoy EVERY day, you never know when it is over – life’s journey is NOT about arriving safely at the grave in a well-preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting ‘Holy Shit’! What a ride!!!


Jens’s priorities in life are simple: 1) HELP people, 2) have FUN & 3) make a bit of  MONEY – in that order!!!.

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Services offered

Jens is as a consequence today via Nuar Pty Ltd offering the following (often combined) services:

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Why is Jens Raun also known as “Mr Cool”

When working in Thailand most Thai’s could not pronounce his first name correctly, instead of Jens, they said “Jen”. “Jen” in Thai means Cold so Jens got the nickname “Mr Cool” which he found to be … … … pretty cool 

Business mailing address

Nuar Pty Ltd | Suite 1A, Level 2 | 802 Pacific Highway | Gordon, New South Wales, 2072 | Australia

Jens’s residence location

Gold Coast | Mudgeeraba, Queensland, 4213 | Australia

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February 26, 2018

Jens reached out to me from some posts I did on Medium. He offered up some incredible advice for an agency I am in the process of starting up. That advice turned into a free phone call and It was one of the best decisions I made. He was honest, straightforward, and really gave me the direction I was missing. He has an immense amount of experience and I could not trade that for anything. I would highly recommend that anyone work with Jens especially since he offers some great free mentoring, follow ups, and he will not sugar-coat anything. He will set you on the right path which is really what we all need. Shane Ketterman

Founder & Director, Rewire Digital Agency - Bend, Oregon, US

November 10, 2017

From start to finish Jens has been and continues to be amazingly helpful & patient. He demonstrates a deep understanding of the technical aspects of creating a WordPress website and in particular using the Divi theme. His vast business experience is invaluable in tying together all aspects of the project from design & functionality to security and more. The best part of his approach is his genuine desire to assist his clients to become capable of managing & updating their website themselves after he has completed the project. He continues to follow up to encourage clients to keep updating their site & to keep creating fresh content to improve search rankings. I would highly recommend his services if you need a new website created or an existing site to be updated. Robin Fick

Real Estate & Resort Sales & Marketing Specialist, Robin Fick

September 5, 2012

“Great work Jens,
thank you!” Zoe Brereton

Lawyer / Registered Migration Agent, Brereton Lawyers

January 24, 2011

“Jens provides a much better and effective service than all of his competitors!” Alan Girle

Director, Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors

December 13, 2009

“Jens has great attention to detail
and this sets him apart from other” Patrick Cranshaw

Mortgage Broker, North Brisbane Home Loans

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Mailing Address

Nuar Pty Ltd
Suite 1A, Level 2
802-808 Pacific Highway
Gordon NSW 2072

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93 099 766 355


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