Need HELP With Your Business Or Startup? – Contact NUAR!

Nuar Pty Ltd offers a variety of business improvement services:

  • Lean Startup Mentoring Services
  • WordPress Web Site Development Services
  • General Business Consulting & Support Services

If you need assistance quickly moving your startup/small business idea forward using the Lean Methodology, are looking for the development of an easy to maintain mobile friendly WordPress based Website or would like to attract more customers via social media and increase sales using e-commerce then please schedule a free – no obligations – consultation!

Why we do it

Reason one

We truly believe in adding value and HELPING people/businesses. If we realize we can’t add value to your business then we will rather stop.

Reason two

Life and business should not be boring, we enjoy what we are doing and we certainly believe in having a bit of FUN while assisting you! Still not convinced? Here is another one:

Reason three

You can always count on us, we are here for the long haul. We charge you a very competitive fee for our services, but we are business people so we want/need to make a bit of MONEY. If you are not happy with our service then we will fix it – we don’t accept unhappy clients, we only want happy clients!

Linkedin TESTIMONIALS Jens Raun

From start to finish Jens has been and continues to be amazingly helpful & patient. He demonstrates a deep understanding of the technical aspects of creating a Wordpress website and in particular using the Divi theme. His vast business experience is invaluable in tying together all aspects of the project from design & functionality to security and more. The best part of his approach is his genuine desire to assist his clients to become capable of managing & updating their website themselves after he has completed the project. He continues to follow up to encourage clients to keep updating their site & to keep creating fresh content to improve search rankings. I would highly recommend his services if you need a new website created or an existing site to be updated.

Robin Fick

Real Estate & Resort Sales & Marketing Specialist, Robin Fick

“Great work Jens, thank you!"

Zoe Brereton

Lawyer / Registered Migration Agent, Brereton Lawyers

“Jens provides a much better and effective service than all of his competitors!”

Alan Girle

Director, Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors

"Jens has great attention to detail and this sets him apart from other"

Patrick Cranshaw

Mortgage Broker, North Brisbane Home Loans


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